The mobile bus factory

About Ourselves

MR Busz Kft. was founded in 2012, Budapest, at the old plant site of Ikarus and has been operating ever since then, partly with the help of the former factory staff. The experts in bus manufacturing are present in vehicle-related developments, in optimizing technological solutions and, of course, in the implementation of physical work processes.

The MR BUSZ Kft. activities are:


The mobile bus factory is a bus assembly container, an industrial plant suitable for assembly, which has the advantage of being able to be installed, disassembled, and transported to where it's needed. The design of the mobile bus factory plant is also worth displaying. The installment of the container is much more economical than building a complete industrial plant.

The bus assembly container offers an opportunity to assemble a bus type family whose main units are manufactured in Hungary, but their final assembly is done with the mobile assembly plant in the destination country. In this way, the buses are finalized with the local conditions in mind, making them fit exactly into the local environment. As part of this, we plan to divide the buses into subunits so that they are easy to transport and secure.

The assembly container offers a unique solution for partners to prepare them for the busy production of buses and to simplify the assembly process.


MSV Brno - October 2019




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